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4's make strong start before abandonment

The opening day saw Poole Town 4's welcome Parley 2's to Whitecliff, with the square back in action after last years pipe problems.

Skipper Matt Reed won the toss and elected to field and Lawrence Brindley quickly consolidated that decision by bowling 8 overs and taking 4 wickets for 4 runs. Billy Michael 5 overs, 2 wickets and 10 runs and Stuart Peters 4 overs, 2 wickets and 7 runs. Poole were effective and consistent in the field with catches being taken and singles being saved. Parley failed to score a boundary until the 29th over. The first innings was shortened by both rain and the helicopter and finished after 32 overs with Parley posting 58 / 9 .

Poole then went out to bat and despite the long rain break Poole looked to be batting on a different pitch for the only 2 overs managed in their innings. Phil Sansom and Billy Michael batting nicely to be 11/0 before the rain came and finished the game off.

A fantastic start to the season if not a bit frustrating to not get the victory they fully deserved.

Hopefully we will have better weather next week and can capitalise on the positive start to the season.

Parley 58/9 from 32

Franks - 12

Brindley - 4/4

Poole Town 11/0 from 2

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