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PTCC AGM 2023/24

From Club Secretary Andy Milner

(Incorporating The Poole Old Grammarians and Poole Cricket Clubs)

Invite to and draft agenda for Agenda for the Annual General Meeting at 7.30pm on

Friday 26th January 2024 at Poole Park Pavilion hopefully, though this appears

increasingly unlikely.

Secretarys notes:

If you wish to formally have your apologies noted then contact me at

If you wish to stand for office as noted in Item 6 of the agenda please can a proposer

(which can be yourself) inform me in writing prior to the event. Whilst the Constitution

does allow for nominations to come from the floor of the meeting this year we have a

number of vacancies and as such we will not be seeking nominations on the evening

and the Committee will look to fill vacancies that exist after the AGM. The Committee

also reserves the right to co-opt people to the Committee to undertake tasks. All

Officers must be full paid members of the club.

If you wish to propose yourself or someone wishes to nominate someone for a role,

please do so to me before midnight 19th January 2024 at

It is the intention of committee to provide you with a set of Captains / Officers reports

beforehand so you can prepare and we do not spend significant time reading them

out on the evening.

In the continued battle on costs there will not be printed copies of the reports

produced en masse. I, with assistance from Matt Keech, intend to make them

available digitally on the Poole Town CC website. Agenda


2.Minutes of the previous AGM: To be agreed by the meeting and signed by


3.Matters Arising

4.Amendments to Club Constitution: In order to progress dealings with BCP

Council to potentially take on the management of the Poole Park pavilion the club is

looking into becoming a Community Interest Company or Community Amateur

Sports Club. It is an essential part of the AGM that we put together a start finish task

group that can help us conclude this business with BCP Council as there are a

number of elements which will affect our operation and governance model.

This is a wide ranging issue which will impact all aspects of the club and as such I

would not look to leaving it under the broad heading of Chairmans Report.

BCP Council see Poole Town CC as the sole contenders to enter into a Community

Asset Transfer process for the ongoing management of Poole Park pavilion and the

cricket square preparation.

Important points to note

- State of repair of the pavilion

- The need for PTCC to be formally organised in order to be best placed to

generate income and access external funding streams. In the short term we

will look to have a member of the Community Asset Transfer process seeking

out external funding opportunities.

- Issues around the Listed status of the park and the impact that has on

implementing effective security, storage and income generation

- Operational overhead on managing bookings, running the square over the

year, running repairs, financial management etc…

- Understanding the appetite of the club to proceed and subject to that

o Creation of task group to complete elements of the project to handover

into operation through co-option to the Committee.

With respect to governance Committee would also like to try, where possible to ease

the burden of wide ranging, large meetings and proposes that at Governance

Committee membership is limited to

Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Safeguarding / Wellbeing, Womens Officer,

Communications Lead, Club Captain, Junior Chair

This is proposed accepting that Governance Committee has the widest brief to cover

and the views of all the groups on issues affecting the club need to be heard.

- Financial strategy

- Safeguarding / wellbeing

- Discipline

- DCB / DCL liaison

- Accreditation

- the progress to completion of Community Asset Transfer process for Poole

Park pavilion

Vice Chair will have the role of facilitating the social side of the club. In recent years

we have looked to one person as an officer and it has proven to be very difficult.

Committee fully recognises that this part of club life needs a vibrant group to be

active in organising and delivering diverse and exciting set of social activities which

help the club fulfil its ambitions of enjoyment and financial self-sufficiency. They will

work very closely with the Communications Lead. Vice Chair will be very keen to co-

opt a group to build and deliver this vital area.

Club Captain will represent the views of the players and team captains

Communications Lead will represent the views and issues of impacted groups such

as Vice Presidents and Sponsors and will work across the various sub-committees

and groups that are managing the operations of PTCC.

Treasurer will of course reflect conversations with all sections of the clubs operations

including Sponsorship, social and events, pitch preparation, pavilion management

Womens Officer and Junior Chair of course represent views of those sections of the


It can then be agreed between relevant groups such as playing captains, social and

events, sponsorship and communications, juniors how best to get together to work

on more focussed agendas. 5.Captains and Officers Reports Written or verbal reports to be submitted to the


A. Chairman- Nick Williams.

B. Secretary- Andy Milner.

C. Treasury– Nick Heckford.

D. Sponsorship / External funding – Currently vacant

E.Youth Section Chairman- Matt Keech

F. 1st XI- Jordy Betts

G. 2nd XI – Kev Wrigley

H. 3rd XI – Craig Rochford

I. 4th XI – Henri Abel

J. 5th XI- Matt Reed

K. WEL – Jordan Down

6.Elections of Officers

A. Vice Presidents

B. Patron - currently Dr Amanda Smith of PGS.

C. Chairman of Vice Presidents - Dave Robinson

D. Chairman- Currently Nick Williams.

E. Vice Chairman- currently Dave Miller.

F. Secretary – currently Andy Milner

G. Treasurer – currently Nick Heckford.

H. Communications Officer – currently Matt Keech

I. Sponsorship- currently vacant

J. Chairman of Youth Sub Committee- currently Matt Keech.

K. Poole Old Grammarians Rep – currently Nigel Williams and Tim Hall

L. Welfare Officers- currently John MacDiarmid & Teresa Heckford.

7.Election of Captains:

A. 1st XI- currently Jordy Betts

B. 2nd XI- currently Kev Wrigley who is standing down

C. 3rd XI- currently Craig Rochford who is standing down

D. 4th XI – Currently Henri Abel who is standing down

E. 5th XI – Currently Matt Reed

E. Midweek XI- currently Jordan Down who is standing down

F. Club Captain – Joe Wilson

8.Any Other Business

AM - It has been raised that the club would really benefit from the services of a kit

manager to organise orders, deliveries and distribution of kit across the sections of

the club.

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