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Umpiring Stage 1 & Stage 2 courses

You don't need us to tell you how important umpires (and scorers) are to the game of cricket and I'm sure we've all got tales of those occasions when there was 'no way I could have been out'!

Here's the chance for you to get one or two people from your club trained up as umpires at the standard required for your friendlies, your league matches and even for the league panel of umpires, should the individual concerned wish to go that far.

The Stage 1 and Stage 2 courses, both being held at The Leaze are being held on March 26th and April 9th respectively.

For information the Stage 1 is designed to equip an umpire to be able to stand for a club in friendly matches whilst the Stage 2 is a requirement for anyone wishing to join a league panel.

Stage 1 UES1/000504 -

Stage 2 UES2/000474 -

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